Malibu and Vine – Malibu, California

311326_2581806347879_1336063282_32942244_807149204_nIt might be a haul to get to, but Malibu and Vine does not disappoint! It’s nestled in the majestic Santa Monica mountains at the Malibu Golf Club… Rugged yet refined, pretentious but relaxed, a lovely setting and, Oh so much fun!!! We knew the minute we walked the grounds that we were going to get married at this venue. We could make our special day unique and add our own special touches. From a lemonade stand and signature cocktails followed by wine tasting flights and amazing food by Chef Matt Zubrod, it’s an awesome and magical place! #malibuandvine #semlerwines #saddlerock #malibufamilywines #malibuwine #malibu #california #wine #westcoast

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